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Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

St John Fisher has a very active PTA that is instrumental in raising funds for additional school resources. The PTA is an informal group of parents who want to make a difference for students and teachers now and in the future.

Our fabulous PTA are always busy behind the scenes providing support at school events and raising funds to support our students. We are appreciative of the support which they have provided for our Technology department providing funds to buy a fabulous new sewing machine and our PE department, providing funds for new netball dresses for all the teams. 

Sewing Machine


PTA 2    

Netball Dresses



To raise these funds, the PTA needs your support and you can do this in any number of simple ways:

Here’s how you can support:

Contribute to the amenities fund

The amenities fund meets requests from school teachers for new equipment and resources that fall outside of the core school budget and will advance the education of the pupils. The PTA assesses the requests on one or all the following criteria:

  • Does it benefit the majority of pupils?
  • Does it support the teachers in their teaching strategies?
  • Does it support the school in its mission statement?

You can support departmental requests by setting up a standing order of £10 a term (suggested donation). 

Please see Amenities Form.

Raise free donations via Easy fundraising

Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us when you use easy fundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself!

It's free to create an account, just follow the link below and sign up. Then download the browser extension to your phone/computer. This means when you go to shop with a participating retailer, insurer, holiday company etc, a reminder pops up and one click activates a donation.

Whether it is your weekly food shop, finding the best insurance deal or booking a holiday, a % donation of your purchase goes straight to the PTA to use to fund additional resources for the school.

Go to: and share to family who might be able to help too.

The money raised goes into the PTA Account (separate to the Amenities Fund above), alongside money raised from events we run or refreshments we provide.

Money from the PTA account funds items that are nice to have extras, which support the pupils, the teachers or the school.

Give a little bit of time

Join our Fishers’ volunteers' team via what’s app to receive shout outs for help at events, raffle prizes and generally spreading the word of the fundraising activities.

Please email with your name and telephone number and we’ll add you to the group.

Join the committee

We are a small group; we meet every six weeks to discuss how any money raised will be used. Teachers join our meetings to pitch their requests and usually we can help with money from the amenities fund. We also look at the planned school events and see what support we can provide, such as a refreshments during performance breaks. And we plan a manageable number of ad hoc events for parents, such as quiz nights.

Please email the if you’d like to be involved

Here’s what your donations have supported in the past

  • Laser cutter for the Design and Technology Department
  • Sixth form study centre redecoration and furniture
  • Musical instruments including loans to support tuition
  • Sewing machines for the art department
  • Annual sports awards
  • High jump mats, boxercise equipment, fitness test equipment and weighted dumbbells.
  • Basketball kits, rugby kits and athletics vests for national finals
  • State-of-the-art whiteboards for languages and maths departments

We love to help the school wherever we can and it’s your incredible support that has allowed this to happen.            

If you would like to get in contact with the PTA please email us at Do also keep an eye out on Facebook for updates.

Thank you


The PTA is a registered charity, number 506537

2023 Amenities Gift Aid