Exam Information

Information regarding exams can be found on this page. Additional information regarding sixth form examinations and resits can be found on the sixth form pages or by clicking this link. 

You can find the St. John Fisher Revision Guide for all Year 11 Students by clicking here.

Year 11 Revision Guide 2022

Ofqual are the exam regulator for all exams that happen at St. John Fisher and lots of useful information can be found on their website at 

Ofqual Website

You can find course by course guidance for GCSE subjects in 2022 at the following link.

Subject by Subject Support and Guidance for 2022The rolling update for exams in 2022 and how they have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic can be found here

Ofqual Covid-19 Rolling Update

A guide 'Coping With Exam Pressure' has been produced by Ofqual and this can be seen here.

Coping With Exam Pressure Guide


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GCSE Advanced Information 2022 29th Apr 2022 Download
Exam Handbook 2022 29th Apr 2022 Download