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The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust is a group of schools serving communities across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Our sixteen schools, two secondary and fourteen primary, work together to educate more than 5,000 pupils. In doing this, we aim to fulfil our mission of Working together as a true family of schools to offer the high quality Catholic education, enabling our young people to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually and personally, putting their faith into action, through serving Christ in others, in the church and in the world around them.

As a group of schools, we are stronger together, delivering more through collaboration, whilst still enabling our schools to celebrate their own distinctiveness and respond to their individual contexts. This meaningful delegation, provides schools with the agility and ownership of local decision making, along with having access to outstanding services and educational best practice.   We are working together to enhance Our Educational Standards, developing a rich and exciting curriculum, where all pupils thrive and develop virtuous character, achieving outstanding academic outcomes.

As a Catholic MAT, Our Faith Journey plays a key role in the formation of all pupils.  We recognise that their experience of the Catholic life of the school significantly influences their faith as an adult.  We ensure that every pupil within our schools recognises and supports the needs of those who are vulnerable, placing great emphasis on charities and educating all pupils about their potential of making a positive contribution to society. 

We are ambitious for our pupils and are aware that this ambition cannot be achieved without great staff.  We are committed to the development of Our People and committed to ensuring that we have ethical leaders in our schools, along with staff development enhanced by collaboration. We will also ensure that procedures are in place to support staff workload and wellbeing.

To augment the work across our schools, we have developed a range of services to support Our Organisation. This empowers school leaders to focus on the quality of education in our schools.  The systems and structures across the Trust, enable us to work in partnership with a wide range of other organisations, learning from and contributing to the wider education system.  We recognise the role of Trusts in the advancement of education for all and we are determined to develop further the Trust contribution to Our World, through strengthening partnerships and improving our environmental sustainability.

I am proud to lead the Trust and believe passionately about the power of education to have a positive impact on wider society.  We are ambitious in our actions to enhance the quality of education across Our Trust, improving each of Our Schools and impacting positively on all of Our Pupils.

Darren Beardsley       








Darren Beardsley, CEO, Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust

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The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust

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Telephone number: 01943 883012


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BWCAT Memorandum of Association 10th Feb 2022 Download
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