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RSE and Health Education

From September 2020, the Department for Education expects all schools to implement new statutory Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education (RSE) provision as part of their Personal Social Health Education curriculum. To prepare for this, we have worked with the Diocese of Leeds and sought guidance from the Catholic Education Service.

The new curriculum focuses on healthy relationships and keeping children safe in the modern world. It also covers a wide range of topics relating to physical and mental health, well-being, safeguarding and healthy relationships. Learning about the emotional, social, and physical aspects of growing up, it provides young people the information, skills, and positive values to have safe, fulfilling relationships and helps them take responsibility for their own well-being.

Ten Ten Resources

The resources we will use to deliver the RSE curriculum will be provided by Ten Ten, a Catholic education organisation. The Catholic Education Service have endorsed the use of Ten Ten resources in secondary schools. Their programme of study incorporates videos and Power Points specifically created to promote discussion and inform students about RSE issues. Every resource is rooted in scripture and informs students of the Catholic Churches teachings whilst also sharing other world views as per the statutory framework.

Right To Withdraw

Parents and carers continue to have the right to withdraw their children from Sex Education element of RSE up to three terms before their child’s sixteenth birthday, except in those elements which are required by the Science National Curriculum. Should parents or carers wish to withdraw their children they are asked to notify the school by contacting the school at

We would encourage anyone considering withdrawing their child to informally discuss their concerns with the Headteacher. There is no right to withdraw your child from the Relationship Education element of RSE.