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16-19 Bursary

This page contains information about the 16-19 Bursary, Examinations and other Sixth Form Documents. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Sixth Form office.

16-19 Bursary Information

If you are aged between 16 – 19 years and considering applying for the Sixth Form but think you might struggle with costs for education, including travel costs, you may be eligible for a 16-19 Bursary Fund. Bursaries are Government funds made available to target the most disadvantaged students, for whom financial difficulties present a serious obstacle to participation in education.

You can also find out more information from the website here:

16-19 Bursary Fund

Application Information

All students may apply for a bursary. Bursaries are intended for students who are in most need of financial support to enable them to meet the costs of staying on in education.

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is targeted to 3 qualifying groups:

1. Students that are in care; care leavers; those in receipt of both Income Support/Universal Credit and Disability Living/Personal Independence Payments in their own right are eligible to claim a bursary of £1200 per annum.

2. Students who qualify for Free School Meals (or have whilst at High School) as administered by North Yorkshire County Council (application form is on the NYCC website) are eligible to claim a bursary of up to £1200 per annum.

3. Students with a total household income of less than £30000 per annum are eligible to claim a bursary of up to £750 per annum. Household income must be evidenced (benefit statement including but not limited to Housing Benefit/Universal Credit/DLA/PIP/Income Support; P60; Notice of self-employed income).

The value of bursary awards in groups 2 and 3 will depend on the number of students who apply and figures will not be known until mid-October. 

The bursary can be used for all costs relating to staying in education. These include:

· Cost of transport

· Catering

· Books and equipment

· Educational trips

· ICT equipment

Business wear for school

All claims should be evidence based (receipts MUST be provided) and made on the claim form downloadable from the school website or collected from the finance office. Claims can be made once per half term and should be no more than 1/6 of the total award unless purchasing a bus pass or ICT equipment. Catering expenses, equipment/books available to purchase from school and educational trips will be reimbursed via ParentPay all other claims will be reimbursed via BACS before the end of each half term.

All bursaries are dependent on students adhering to the terms of our Sixth Form Learning Agreement as detailed in the planner. Should you have any queries in regards to applying for a bursary please contact Mr Melville or Mrs Kwai in the finance office via email

16-19 Bursary Documents