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Chaplaincy at St John Fisher

The Catholic faith underpins all aspects of our school life and we are here to help you explore, understand and grow in faith. The role of Chaplaincy at St. John Fisher is to support all students whatever their experience of faith is. When a child accepts a place at St John Fisher Catholic High School, you and your family become part of a very special community, which has Christ at its’ centre.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our community as someone who is valued and made in the image of God. We will work together to understand how faith, hope and love are experienced at the centre of our relationships and activities. Our Christian values, gifts and talents are what makes our community great at St John Fisher.

With your help and active involvement in Chaplaincy, together we can enhance the spiritual experience of our school community and get to know Jesus and one another even better.

The work of Chaplaincy is very varied and spreads across every aspect of school life. Our Chaplaincy Team is always available to welcome any member of the school community needs to be listened to or have space. A space has been created at the back of our Chapel for quiet reflection, group discussions, prayers and fellowship. We see it as vitally important that students get the opportunity to encounter faith and prayer from a different perspective through a retreat experience. Each year, we run a retreat for every year group. In Year 7 every form has a day retreat exploring the theme ‘belonging to a community’.  Year  7 are also given an opportunity to lead and animate their own class mass.

Perhaps our ‘flagship retreat’ is the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes which is for students in Years 10 and 12.

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us The Beatitudes and they remind us that we are called to be like Him in our actions and our words. When we live out our beliefs in our daily lives, we are always looking for opportunities to practise these virtues in our encounters with others.

Mr Atkin

Our Lay Chaplain is Francis Atkin. Francis is called to serve the school in 3 ways – heMr atkin has a priestly role, a pastoral role, and a prophetic role.

Priestly Role (liturgy and worship)

  • Co-ordinate daily prayers, collective worship, and liturgical services
  • Ensure a wide range of Masses are celebrated throughout the school year
  • Provide opportunities for staff and students to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Co-ordinate the work of the student chaplaincy group
  • Oversee fundraising events for a range of charities
  • Foster close links with our parishes and the wider diocese

Prophetic Role (mission)

  • Be a role model of prayer and spirituality
  • Speak out and challenge others
  • Preach in word, thought and deed to all
  • Bring the message of love to all

Pastoral (support)

  • Be a ‘friend’ to those in need of help and support
  • Be someone you can talk to
  • Listen to everyone
  • Support the bereaved