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Transition from Primary

Welcome to St John Fisher Catholic High School! We are delighted that you have chosen to come to our school and be part of a community of faith where every student is encouraged to grow, learn, develop spiritually and excel.

St John Fisher School was founded in 1958 and used to be on a site right next door to St Roberts primary school. The current school moved to this building, an old convent in 1968. You will find lots of history in the school, and of course our beautiful Chapel which has stood for nearly 120 years. In the early days of the school, many of the nuns who lived in the convent stayed to teach students and were a huge part of the school. Can you imagine the nuns walking peacefully in prayer as you walk around the old part of the building?

At St John Fisher Catholic High School, our transition programme starts in Year 5. Our feeder Catholic primary schools visit us for a fun filled taster day of lessons in the summer term. This is then followed by our popular and ever growing Masterclasses, which are offered to any Year 5 or 6 child wishing to experience St John Fisher Catholic High School.

In the summer term, after the SATs the staff from St John Fisher Catholic High School will meet all the Year 6 teachers and the children allocated places at the school, so we can get to know your child further, learn about their talents, individual needs, and teaching styles. Where necessary, extra visits may be arranged with our SENCO.

Transition days take place in early July when our new Year 7 students get to meet their subject teachers and begin to find their way around school. At the end of the day the children leave with a transition pack containing everything they need to know about their new school.

In the September the school has a staggered start for its students, allowing for a smooth and purposeful transition into Year 7.

Thousands of students have gone before you as part of the Fisher’s family and we hope that over the coming years you spend with us, you will make many new friends, learn new skills and gain knowledge.

We know that starting secondary school can be daunting, but we have created a booklet where you will find lots of information that you might need to get you prepared for your first day.

The school motto is ‘Educating for Life’. As a school, we aim to provide you with everything that you will need to be successful. From the cleaners who keep our school tidy, to your Form Tutors and Head of Year, we are all here to help you on that journey.

You can download the Year 7 transition booklet here:

Year 7 Prospective Student Booklet