Mrs Taylor leading the way!

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Whilst we are proud of the work our students do, we also have some fantastic staff who go above and beyond with their acts of charity and goodwill.

You may have spotted Mrs Taylor from the maths department with her 'Harrogate Scrubbers' throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Founded by Mrs Taylor in response to the desperate need for scrubs and PPE during the first lockdown, she gathered together over 800 people in the local area to provide these items to Harrogate Hospital, care homes and GP surgeries.

As a celebration of their hard work, the group came together for the first time last week, each providing a handmade quilt square, which has been combined into 5 beautiful quilts.

Mrs Taylor and the Harrogate Scrubbers are now looking for a venue in Harrogate to display the quilts for everyone to be able to turn up and see them, before they go to permanent homes in the area, including the hospital. Anyone who would like to showcase the quilts is asked to contact quilts 4a